Live streaming your wedding

Will Live-Streaming Weddings Become the Norm? Why should you live stream your wedding? How much does a live stream wedding o elopement cost? what are the benefits of live stremaing your wedding?

Weddings as we know them—with extended family and friends in attendance—won’t be the norm again for a long time. Small wedding ceremonies could become more common not just for health reasons, but because coziness and intimacy might organically become trendy. The small wedding and microwedding trend are set to continue for a long time after the pandemic dies down. even after big parties are safe, smaller, intimate ceremonies are likely to persist.

Live wedding video streaming is a hot trend that is making its way to becoming the norm, it is definitely something you will want to consider for your special day if you want to gather all friends and relatives you love to be with you.

Live-streaming has grown tremendously in places all over the globe. In fact, more and more couples are live streaming and the good news is that we are all becoming more accustomed to virtually attending events or meetings and hanging out with one another.

More and more couples are booking something small for your nearest and dearest, and allowing everyone else to join online.

Live-streaming is a fantastic option if you can only afford or only want a smaller wedding ceremony but still want people to attend digitally.

Live streaming your wedding is the simplest and cheapest option to include guests who cannot attend your wedding. No matter how big or small your wedding is, there is bound to be relatives and friends who cannot attend your big day.

Especially if you are getting married in 2022 and dealing with the outbreak of Covid-19, Live streaming your wedding is also a great way to record, save, and backup your wedding.

How much does a live stream wedding cost?

The costs of live streaming a wedding vary—DIY using a mobile phone, or hire a professional.

While you can live stream your wedding for “free”, if you’re planning your live stream ahead of time, we recommend at least investing in some upgraded equipment to ensure optimal sound, image quality and connectivity devices. Spending 200-250 € on equipment will drastically improve the live stream and you will avoid major problems very typical in livestream.

The options to hire a professional videographer for professional-quality live streaming continue to expand, with a wide variety of options ranging from 400 to 1000 €, depending on your location and needs.

we’re happy to say most of our hand-picked photographers and videographers offer this service.

Most definitely! I mean, if budgets are really tight, I get it.
an investment in your wedding memories. it’s a way of involving all your friends and family in a way that will make them really feel part of your day.

Compared to what you’d be spending on a 100 person wedding (easily 20,000 € in Marbellla or Gibraltar); spending less than a couple of thousand to include those 100 guests, is a drop in the bucket!

With fewer weddings these days enlisting the services of a professional planner, unfortunately livestreaming can be one of those things that quickly becomes an enormous stress.

It seems easy, but the more you look into what’s required, the longer the list becomes, and technology never quite plays ball when it matters – ever noticed that or is it just me?

Without a professional videographer, it’s often the bride and groom who are left troubleshooting when they should be enjoying their wedding day!

Benefits Of Live Streaming Your Wedding

There are tons of reasons to stream your wedding.

From connecting to your loved ones to keeping your cost down, live streaming is a great way to share your wedding with friends and family.

You don’t want to offend anyone by not inviting them.

Here you’ve found the perfect compromise: live streaming lets them all witness your union, all while saving 100% on their travel expenses.

Fewer expenditures could mean better quality gifts!

By live streaming your wedding you’re letting them stay connected in real time – and safe – from afar.

Avoid the risk of financial loss of canceling or postponing a large wedding.

The main benefit of live-streaming is of course that people can join who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to be there in person.

We can help you plan an amazing wedding.

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