A Delicious drinks to serve to your guests at before and after the wedding day.
As if organizing a wedding wasn’t enough, what about all the parties either side?
We will give you two perfect receipt for to surprise your guest.

The Night Before

Gather all your friends for some last-minute down time before your big day.
This is your chance to enjoy a few final, the countdown, quiet moments sipping a Cocktail before the busyness of the wedding day arrives.
Here you have a cocktail receipt that will surprise your guest: mix 1tsp of matcha green tea powder to a paste with 100ml of iced water, add several sprigs of mint, 1 tbsp of ginger sugar syrup and 30ml of whiskey. Serve on the rock and enjoy it!


The Day After

Restore party-weary heads at a next-day gathering by serving up a feisty Bloody Mary alongside a slice of wedding cake for those who may have missed out the day before.
Receipt per drink: mix 2 parts vodka to 4 parts tomato juice, then spice to taste with a pinch of celery salt, smoked paprika and ground black pepper.

Add a dash of both tabasco and worcestershire sauces and a squeeze of lime. Serve on the rock with your choice of garnish, but mix it up with a skewer of extras such as gherkins, olives, cherry tomatoes and lime.
If your stomach does not allow you any additional drop of alcohol you should go for a hot soup. ☺

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