What impact will covid-19 have on your wedding in Spain?

it is an incredibly difficult and uncertain time for couples planning to get married abroad, so we wanted to create a dedicated space to help you with your planning in coronavirus times.

2022 was a boom of marriages that accumulate the postponed ones in 2020 and 2021, so best date for weddings was  the end of 2021, this was the main reasons:

  • The weather was ideal until the end of December in Marbella.
  • The low season with the covid effect makes that prices will be reduced quite a lot.
  • By October 2021 more than 90% of the Spanish population was vaccinated so the risk of infection was minimal. it was possible for weddings of all different sizes to go ahead by this time.



If you are planning a wedding after covid it is a good idea to keep your guests updated and reassured, communicate with them that your wedding plans remain the same. It’s important to keep your guests updated

If you are searching for suppliers, use our forms as a way to make initial contact we will help to find the right one, also our online Wedding Planning tools aim to organize the wedding by yourself together with our local wedding advisor, providing you with a bit of solid advice. It can save you a huge amount of time, money and stress!

Important things to Do

We have in Marbella area a lovely community of wonderful destination wedding suppliers, they are working tirelessly with their network of vendors to negotiate and secure the best possible outcome for their clients. If you are planning your wedding on your own and need help, please you can use our destination wedding directory, We try to offer you the most complete english speaking wedding guide.

Keep up to date with Covid travel alerts from your country of residence. This information is being continually updated and can be found on the their Department of Foreign Affairs:

In covid times a wedding advisor can be a lifesaver for couples. Let us help you in your wedding day, we can look for you best supplier in a virtual and collaborative workplace., where we always let YOU stay in control while helping you exactly where needed!