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Should You Use A Wedding Planner?

When planning your wedding you have four options:

  1. Make yourself. Some couples have managed to plan their own wedding in Spain, with complete success, but many many more have ended with disastrous results! It’s worth taking such a risk!.
  2. Wedding agent of the venue.Especially when booking your wedding in a luxury hotel
  3. A wedding planner. Traditional Wedding planners are a fantastic resource, and if one is in your budget, jump at the chance.
  4.  A online Planning tools with a local wedding advisor. This is our choice. This option offer you a virtual workspace where you can colaborate with our local wedding advisor. The online Wedding Planning tools aim to organize the wedding by yourself together with our local wedding advisor, providing you with a solid advice. It can save you a huge amount of time, money and stress!

Reasons to organize your wedding with us.

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are plenty of reasons to be stressed out. From centerpieces to seating charts…. planning a wedding in Spain is not the same as in many other countries, without local knowledge it can be very difficult to source everything you would like here in Spain, also not everybody has the budget or the wherewithal to hire a professional wedding planner to help them out. offer you  a colaborative workspace with a online planning tools and a local wedding advisor a perfect choice to organize your wedding in Marbella.

A wedding advisor can be an lifesaver for couples, ensuring that event run smoothly.

Our solution an colaborative online wedding planner tools with local wedding advisor could be just what you need to plan the wedding of your dreams.


It’s less expensive than a local traditional wedding planner.

Local traditional wedding planners are best option (and they can use online planners, too!) But if you’re on a budget and you can’t afford a traditional wedding planner, then this solution the perfect for you. But How much cost?


You can get connected to the best vendors.

Finding vendors yourself can be a huge burden. One might have hidden costs while the other is booked or too far away. With our local wedding advisor you can get best vendors in Marbella area,  even we can negociate for you a much better deal.


Always in the cloud

Our colaborative wedding plan online means you never have to worry about a document you’ve been slaving over for months. The online wedding planning tool is a great place to have all your information gathered. You don’t need to think of a thousand little things, because the wedding planner tools and advisor has already done it for you.


You can visualize everything.

Like seating charts, or seating ceremony, the online wedding planner lets you easely create your charts. these online tools allow us to organize guest list,  manage RSVPs, dietary restrictions and other personal guest’s preferences. You can create a website page specifically for your guests to RSVP via their own personal, customizable link.



Other people can help you.

There are some tasks in a wedding that are traditionally taken care of by the best man and/or maid of honor. The good news is that they also can colaborate with this wedding planner tools.



It saves you a whole lot of time, and money!

The best reason to Works with us is that it saves you a bunch of time and money, as meeting in person to just making sure everything is organized, a pre-delineated checklist and reminders make sure that your wedding is well on its way to being the best day of your life.


Our main objective is to help you experience an amazing wedding in Spain.  Our vision is to make the Costa del Sol an easier destination in which to host your wedding,

We can also help to use these fantastic tools, we will create virtual workspace where we can colaborate. we will use:



Keep track of all the tasks leading up to the big day!



keep track of your total budget, prices, deposits, and any outstanding fees.


Event itinerary

Organize your wedding day down to the minute with visual aids.


Ceremony Layout

Use the layout tool chart and to draw the plan for your ceremony. Know how your seats will look.

Spainwedding is everything you need, from the ceremony through to the party, if you are planning a  wedding in Marbella or surrounding areas of the Malaga province as Ronda, Nerja, Tarifa or Gibraltar we will offer you a wedding advisor with solid advice along the way!