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Gibraltar Destination Weddings

The Rock of Gibraltar has for many years been a well known and popular wedding destination for couples who wish to get married abroad, even for some Hollywood stars such as Laurence Harvey, John Lennon and even Sir Sean Connery, In 1962 as the world became entranced by the numbers 007, Sean Connery married actress Diane Cilento, he returned in 1975 to marry his present wife Micheline Boglio Roquebrune. However, it is the marriage of Beatle John Lennon to Yoko Ono in 1969 that caused the biggest media sensation of Gibraltar as wedding destination.

Every year hundreds of couples travel from all over the world to marry in Gibraltar. Once married, the wedding certificates issued by the Registrar are then recognised worldwide.


Why Gibartar for your wedding destination?

Gibraltar offers around 300 days of sunshine a year but unlike its Spanish neighbours and because it’s still under British rule it’s currency is still the British Pound and they have their owns rules for getting married.

Due to the local marriage laws only requiring a 24 hour proof of stay and not any long term residential requirements why not take advantage of Gibraltar’s uniqueness for getting married,

We love to help each and every individual bride in fulfilling their dreams in achieving that perfect wedding in Gibraltar with a complete and reliable guide, to help you to walk you through each of the processes necessary to complete before getting married in Gibraltar rock, with our extensive experience and intimate local weddings vendors knowledge we can help you avoid the pit falls other couples endur.


Legal requirements

In order to officially start the process to accomplish your dreams of getting married in Gibraltar there are a number of legal requirements that must be attended to prior to your arrival, as  obtaining the correct documentation, the arranging your overnight stay… to achieve your totally bespoke wedding at Gibraltar.

In Gibraltar, the marriage between a man and a woman is provided for under the Gibraltar Marriage Act. Under its provisions it is possible, by means of a Special Licence granted under Section 13 of the Act, for residents and non-residents alike to get married in Gibraltar. It also enables a Marriage ceremony to be conducted at approved locations outside the Registry outside working hours and at weekends. Please contact with wedding register office to be updated.

You will need to comply with a certain amount of formalities, provide documents as stated and provide proof of stay as per the minimum residency requirement under the Gibraltar Marriage Act 2015.  To be married in a legally binding ceremony in Gibraltar, you will need to provide the following, in original and in English:

  • Valid passports with any relevant visas required to enter Gibraltar
  • Full version birth certificates showing both parents’ names

If divorced, you will need to provide the decree absolute and the marriage certificate.  If you have been divorced more than once, you only need to provide the documents for the most recent marriage

If widowed, you will need to provide the death certificate of the deceased spouse

If adopted or had a change of name by deed poll or another manner, you will need to provide the relevant certificates

A proof of stay (paid invoice from hotel) must be provided dated either immediately before or after the wedding day

If under 18 years of age, the written consent of both your parents is required,

If you are an active member of the Military, armed forces, airforce or Navy, you need to provide the written consent of your Commanding Officer giving you permission to marry.

All documents must be in original and in English.  Any copies or translations must be certified to be true copies or translations.  Translations must be accompanied by the original foreign language document

Make sure you have the correct documentation before you leave home.  Remember, if there are any missing documents or they are not originals, you may not be married in Gibraltar.

Because everybody’s perception of the perfect day is so diverse and unique we offer you a complete list of vendors english speaking and reliables, they will offer you a service in order to make your wedding experience as special and perfect day as you’ve always dreamed of. Between these vendors we will recommend best wedding photographer in gibraltar, best wedding planner or best wedding venues, top makeup/hair artists, best florists in gibraltar, bakers and all othres vendors you will need for your weddding in Gibraltar.

Wedding planners in Gibraltar will try to tell you they have access to register and the “best” vendors, but Gibraltar is small and there’s a limited number of florists, photographers, salons, venues etc., so if you decide to take a vendor list and a bit of help you will have the exact same access as the wedding planners have.  Since Gibraltar is a British territory, the local language is English, which really simplifies things.

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